Payment methods

The website BEWAK offers you several online payment methods:

- By debit card with Paybox (Carte Bleue, Visa, Eurocard/Mastercard)

- By Paypal

- By bank cheque (from a french bank)

- By bank cheque in 3 times payment in without fees

- By bank transfer (european transfer, TT, Swift...)


By debit card :
If you choose to pay via PAYBOX, you will be steered towards the PAYBOX central payment. The symbols show that your transaction is secured (logo). The banking information (debit card number and expiry date) are encrypted thanks to the SSL protocol (Secure Socket Layer). They are out of reach to anyone, except the PAYBOX central payment.

By Paypal :

If you choose to pay via PAYPAL, you will be streered towards a PAYPAL payment page. This payment method protects your bank details for each e-shopping. If you already have a PayPal account, please connect yourself with your username and password then confirm the payment. If your are a new customer, please pay by debit card on the PayPal website or create beforehand a PayPal account.

By bank cheque :
When you choose the cheque payment (only from a fench bank), please send your settlement denominated in the order of BEWAK by post with the order number. You can find it in the e-mail confirmation you receive after the order validation. Please send the cheque to this address :


Z.A.C de Trémogne

58, avenue du Belvédère


You will receive an acknowledge of receipt of the payment and the order processing by e-mail.

By bank cheque in 3 times payment without fees :
This payment method allows you to spread out the order over 3 months so you can control your budget at best.  (Only for the orders higher than 150 Euros). To achieve this, please send us 3 cheques denominated in the order of BEWAK. They have to be dated of the order's day. Please use the address mentionned hereinabove.
After receipt of your payment, we confirm your order and the first cheque is cashed. The two following cheques are cashed 30 days apart (example: if your order is confirmed on the 5 January, the first cheque is cashed this day. The two following are cashed on the 5 February and on the 5 March).

It is important that the total amount of your 3 cheques is accurate with the amount of the order. To achieve this, it is preferable to send the 3 cheques with round figures. (Example: if the order's amount comes to 257 Euros, the amounts to report on the 3 cheques could be: 85 Euros for the first and 87 Euros for the two others).

You will receive an acknowledge of receipt of the payment and the order processing by e-mail.

By bank transfer :
Please order then choose the payment by bank transfer. You will receive an e-mail with the BEWAK's banking information.